Students are expected to complete 132 units.

Curriculum StructureUnits
Major Required Courses 48
Major Elective Courses 12
General Education Core and Distribution Courses 44
Free Elective Courses 24
WholePerson Education Experiential Modules 4
Total 132

I.Major Required (MR) Courses (42 units)

CodeCourseChinese TitleUnits
CTV1XXX Introduction to Electronic Media 电子媒介导论 3
CTV1XXX Introduction to Media Aesthetics 传媒美学概论 3
CTV1XXX Film History 影视史 3
CTV2040 Scriptwriting 剧本写作 3
CTV2050 Communication Research Methods 传播研究方法 3
CTV2060 Television and Chinese Society 电视与中国社会 3
CTV2070 Video Cinematography 录像摄影 3
CTV2080 Film and Television Directing 影视导演 3
CTV2XXX Introduction to Communication Theory 传播学理论 3
CTV3020 Sound Recording and Mixing 录音与混音 3
CTV3040 Film and Video Editing 影视剪辑 3
CTV4010 Television Programming and Planning 电视节目规划与编制 3
CTV4020 Production and Media Management 制作与多媒体管理 3
CTV4XXX CTV Final Year Project 影视学毕业论文 3
  Total 合计 42

II. Major Elective (ME) Courses (18 units)

Students are required to take 18 units from the following course list (the availability of major elective courses offered each semester is subject to faculty availability and minor adjustment):

CodeCourseChinese TitleUnits
CTV2010 Film Aesthetics 电影美学 3
CTV2030 Principles of Photo Imaging 相片成像原理 3
CTV3030 Documentary Film Production 记录片制作 3
CTV3050 Art Direction and Production Design 美术指导与制作设计 3
CTV3210 Cinema and Television Internship 影视学专业实习 3
CTV4040 History and Aesthetics of the Chinese Cinema 中国电影史与美学 3
CTV4050 On-line Interactive Video 网上互动视频 3
CTV4060 Film Music and Sound 电影音乐与音效 3
CTV4080 Digital Animation 数字动画 3
CTV4090 Studies in Hollywood Cinema 好莱坞电影研习 3
CTV4100 Special Topics in Film and Television Studies 影视专题 3
CTV4110 Hong Kong and Taiwanese Cinema 港台电影 3
CTV4140 Television Studies 电视学 3
CTV4150 Advanced Scriptwriting 高级剧本写作 3
CTV4160 Studies in Asian Cinema: India, Korea, Japan 亚洲电影研习: 印度、韩国与日本 3
CTV4170 Studies in European Cinema 欧洲电影研习 3
CTV4180 Television Studio Production 电视厂棚制作 3
CTV4230 Special Topics in Film and Television Subjects 影视专题 3
CTV4XXX Advanced Directing 高级影视导演 3
CTV4XXX Digital Special Effects Workshop 数字特效实务 3
CTV4XXX Electronic Media Management 电子媒介管理 3
CTV4XXX Multiple Media Narrative Writing 多媒体叙事 3
  Total Total 18

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