Full-time Faculty Members of CTV Programme

Evelyn Li-Chuan Mai, Ph.D., Professor

Research Area: Media Management, TV Studies, TV Station Operation, New Media Studies, Global Media Studies

Industrial Experiences:

  • Professor and Associate Dean, Art and Communication School, Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai
  • Analyst of Southern Media Group (Provincial Broadcast & Film Group)
  • Analyst of Macao Asia Satellite TV Station (Macao)


  • ‘The Usage of Social Media and Advertising Effect in China’ (2013). In Friedrichsen, M., & Muhl-Benninghaus, W., (ed.) Handbook of Social Media Management. London: Springer Heidelberg.  ISBN 978-3-642-28896-8; ISBN 978-3-642-28897-5 (eBook) DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-28897-5   
  • ‘Cross Media and Regional Operation of City TV Stations in China’ (2012). In Guangdong Provincial TV Artist Association (eds.) Innovations of City TV Stations, Beijing: Broadcasting Publisher.
  •  ‘Business Strategies of City TV Stations in China’ (2009). In Albarran, A., Faustino, P., and Santos., R. (ed.) The Media as a Driver of the Information Society, 523-539.  Lisbon, Portugal: MediaXXI/Formalpress. ISBN MediaXXI: 978-989-8143-18-1; ISBN UCEditora: 978-972-54-0236-8.
  • Global Media Strategies in China: Trend and Future (2009). ‘Distribution Strategy of Audiovisual Contents in the Asian Markets’ Conference. Korea, Seoul: The Graduate School of Public Policy and Information Technology, Seoul National University of Technology. 5 November

Andrew Newell, M.F.A., Associate Professor

Research Area: Film History Studies,  Film and Television Directing,  Film Production

Industrial Experiences:

  • Producer/Director/Writer/Editor
  • Associate Professor at the Watkins College of Art, Design and Film
  • Producer/ Director/ Writer/ Editor at Transformation Pictures

Publication/Production: Faith in Common

Dominic Man, M.A., Associate Professor

Research Area: Film Production, Film Studies

Industrial Experiences:

  • Video Production Manager at the Hong Kong Jockey Club,
  • Communications Manager at the Heidi Marketing Co., Ltd.,
  • Controller-Multimedia at the Bizart Asia Ltd./Pico Hong Kong Ltd.,
  • Project Director at the Alan Chan Design Company

Geoffrey Marschall, M.F.A., Assistant Professor

Research Area: Directing, Film Production, Editing/Film Music

Industrial Experiences: Cameraman and editor at a news agency in Tokyo


  • Shorts: Limitless Potential
  • Shorts: Conquis
  • Shorts: Athena
  • Documentary: Should I Stay or Should I Go
  • Documentary: Following the Ninth: In the Footsteps of Beethoven's Final Symphony
  • Documentary: Mythic Journey
  • Feature: A Player in Palacio
  • Music Video: Spiral

Wei Jiang, Ph.D., Professor

Research Area: Script Writing, Film Production, Film Studie

Industrial Experiences:

  • Assistant Director, Happy Lovers (made-for-television feature film) Chinese Central Television
  • Movie Channel (CCTV 6)
  • Assistant Director, Sophie’s Revenge (feature film)
  • Coordinator , Let the Bullets Fly (feature film)


  • Fading Red: Rethinking the Revolutionary Model Opera Films of Mao’s Cultural Revolution at The Screen Conference, 2010
  • Reinventing Communist Myth: Nation-Building in Youth in the Flames of War at the Asian Cinema Studies Society Conference, 2010

Part-time Faculty Members of CTV Programme

Christina Kuok Lei Cheng, M.F.A., Lectuer

Research Area: Production of 3D Animation, Digital Animation

Industrial Experiences:

  • Director & Editor, one of the 3 nominated animation called ‘WE’
  • Part-time  Lecturer in University of Macau - Faculty of Social Science and Humanities


  • Our Holy Wisdom Church
  • Made in Macao
  • When a Coin meets with a Candy
  • Grandfather’s Clock
  • Wishes of Macau Animators