Students are expected to complete 132 units.

Curriculum StructureUnits
Major Required Courses 42
Major Elective Courses 18

General Education Core Courses


General Education Distribution Courses


Free Elective Courses


Whole Person Education Experiential Learning Modules

Total 132 


Major Required Courses

CodeCourseChinese TitleUnits
CTV1003 Introduction to Electronic Media 电子媒介导论 3
CTV1013 Introduction to Media Aesthetics 传媒美学概论 3
CTV2033 Communication Research Methods 传播研究方法 3
CTV2073 Introduction to Communication Theory 传播学理论 3
MAD1003 Studio Art Practices: Drawing Fundamentals 工作室艺术实践:素描基础 3
MAD2003 Design Fundamentals 设计基础 3
MAD2013 Art Media Fundamentals 艺术媒材基础 3
MAD2023 Appreciation of the Arts 当代艺术赏析 3
MAD2033 History of Media Arts and Design 媒体艺术与设计史 3
MAD3003 Photography 摄影学 3
MAD3013 Interactive Arts and Design 互动艺术与设计 3
MAD3023 Digital Imaging and Design 数字图像与设计 3
MAD3033 3D Design Fundamentals 三维设计基础 3
MAD4003 Final Year Project (MAD) 毕业论文 3
  Total 合计 42

Major Elective Courses

Students are required to take 6 courses (18 units) from the following course list (the availability of major elective courses offered each semester is subject to faculty availability and minor adjustment):

CodeCourseChinese TitleUnits
MAD2043 Concept Development for Time-based Media 时基媒体概念发展 3
MAD3043 Digital Drawing and Painting 数字素描与绘画 3
MAD3053 Colour Concepts, Theory and Planning 色彩观念、理论与策划 3
MAD3063 Animation 动画 3
MAD3073 Language for Audio-visual Design 音影设计语言 3
MAD3083 Studio Art Practices: Painting Fundamentals 工作室艺术实践:绘画基础 3
MAD3093 Web Design and Hypermedia 网络与超媒体设计 3
MAD3103 Computer Game Design 电脑游戏设计 3
MAD3113 Video Arts 录像艺术 3
MAD3123 Graphic Storytelling 图像叙事 3
MAD3133 Digital Sound Production 数字音响制作 3
MAD4013 Studio Art Practices: Experimental Media 工作室艺术实践:实验媒体 3
MAD4023 Computer Programming for Design 电脑程序设计 3
MAD4033 Narrative and Interactivity in Media Arts 媒体艺术的叙事与互动性 3
MAD4043 Principles of Product Design 产品设计原理 3
MAD4053 Digital Image Manipulation 数字影像制作 3
MAD4063 Visual Arts Since 1900 二十世纪以来的视觉艺术 3
MAD4073 Social Design 社会设计 3
MAD4083 Special Topics in Media Arts and Design
媒体艺术与设计专题 3
  Total 合计 18


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