The BA (Hons.) in Musical Arts is specifically designed to meet the rapid expansion of jobs in the Culture and Creative Industries in both China and around the world. It is founded on the principle that in today’s job market, it is vital for music graduates to possess a wide range of skills, creative thinking and contemporary knowledge to succeed as professional musicians and realise their creative potential. The core programme, taught in English by an international faculty, includes all the essential courses found in music schools around the world, with students nominating to specialise in either i) Performance or ii) Composition. In addition, there is a wide range of electives available which embrace both emerging and traditional areas relating to music, including music for film and video games, jazz and popular music, music technology, as well as traditional Chinese music. The programme culminates in a Final Year Project, showcasing our students’ creative talent and providing them with a platform to pursue careers in the Culture and Creative Industries and beyond.

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Programme highlights:

  • Instruction in either i) Performance or ii) Composition taught by international faculty.
  • A wide range of music technology courses
  • Courses in jazz and popular music
  • Film music and music for video games course options
  • Many opportunities for pursuing interdisciplinary project work with other programmes (in particular the Cinema and Television programme and Media Arts and Design programme)
  • A Centre of Musical Excellence in the region


为了顺应中国乃及全球文化创意行业的快速扩张以及该行业对创意音乐人才的大量需求,文化与创意学部计于2017-2018学年度开设音乐艺术专业。 本专业旨在培养学生具备全面的专业技能、创意理念和广博的当代知识理论,开发学生无限的艺术创造潜力,为学生铺就一条成为专业音乐人才之通途。




  • 全英文授课,国际化师资
  • 跨学科领域的实践机会(与电影电视专业、媒体艺术与设计专业合作)
  • 顺应行业发展潮流,针对爵士和流行音乐特设理论和实践课程
  • 符合国际水准的音乐应用课程
  • 提供电影音乐和电玩音乐课程
  • 珠三角地区创新音乐卓越中心