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Dr Angela Dan WANG
Part-time Assistant Professor
Part-time Assistant Professor of CTV
office: CC502-R26


Angela Wang Dan (PhD) is a research associate and part-time lecturer at the School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University. She is now a part-time Assistant Professor at DCC, UIC. Angela has been doing research and working within the newspaper industry in China for many years.

Education Background:

PhD in Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University, SAR China

Research Interests:

Her research interest lies in reconciling the macro political economy with micro sociological details. Specifically, her research areas are: digital journalism, sociology of news, political economy and professionalism.

Courses Taught:

Foundation of Communication Studies

Communication Research Methods

Fundamentals of Communication

Perspectives on Media and Society

Academic Activities (Selected Conference Papers):

Wang, D., & Guo, Z.S. (2020). Paid content in the Chinese press: Implications of state subsidies for journalist professional self-identification. Journalism division at the annual ICA online conference, May 21-25.

Wang, D., & Huang, L. (2020). Malleable identity, personal desires, and power reliance: Chinese journalists’ social media branding in a time of change. CCA division at the annual ICA online conference, May 21-25.

Guo, Z.S., & Wang, D. (2020). Framing and construal Level: A comparative analysis of press coverage of China’s “One Belt One Road” Initiative. Journalism division at the annual ICA online conference, May 21-25.

Li M., Xu, M., Song, Y., & Wang, D. (2020). Examining the profanity use and self-expression among women in the networked age: The case of Chinese women’s swearing on social media. Language and social interaction division at annual ICA online conference, May 21-25.



Selected Publications:

Publications (Selected):

1. Wang, D., Huang, V., & Guo, S. (forthcoming). Malleable multiplicity and power reliance: Identity presentation by Chinese journalists on social media. Digital Journalism. [SSCI]

2. Wang, D. & Guo, Z.S. (2020). 整合框架與解釋水平:海內外報紙對『一帶一路』倡議的對比分析 (Framing and Construal Level: A Comparative Analysis of Press Coverage of China’s “One Belt One Road” Initiative). 新聞與傳播研究 (Journalism & Communication), 03, 5-20. [CSSCI].

3. Wang, D. & Sparks, C. (2019). Smartphones, WeChat and paid content: Journalists and sources in a Chinese newspaper. Journalism Studies, DOI: 10.1080/1461670X.2019.1620115 [SSCI].

4. Wang, D. (2017). Role negotiation in everyday life of journalists in post-socialist China. In Tosoni, S., Carpentier, N., Murru, M., et al. (eds.) Handbook of 2016 European Media and Communication (p. 237) Doctoral Summer School. [Extended abstract].

Grants and Projects:

Current Research:

She is now working on two projects: one on digitalization of newsrooms in China, and one on public expectations of journalism in Hong Kong.

Academic and Social Service:

Academic and Social Services:


Asian Journal of Communication,


ICA Journalism Division

Awards and Honors:


1. ICA Philosophy and Theory Division Best paper 2017

Wang, D., & Agustin, K. Alienation and everyday life of journalists: An ethnographic study at paper X’s police beat. Annual ICA Conference the Philosophy and Theory division.

2. RGC Scholarship, Hong Kong  2014